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1.3 Why Medicine?

  1. It is impossible have a healthy, productive community without good health care.  Some have said that Western medicine is responsible for the European explosion of culture, technology, and science that dominates the planet.  If you spend large portions of caloric expenditure every day simply fighting disease, then you cannot build a beautiful new world.
  2. Medicine is a somewhat unique profession in that it crosses all cultures, all borders, all ages, and all separations of race, religion, and gender.  Everyone goes to the doctor, and everyone needs a doctor.  Medicine has a unique access to people from before they are born to their families after they die.  There might be a few decades in the middle were people spend a few years avoiding physicals, but medicine remains a peculiarly constant point of contact throughout a population.  It is therefore a unique tool for shaping and molding culture through the cultivation of health and knowledge.