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1.2 Where to Start?

The best place to affect change is somewhere that everyone has forgotten.  An even better place to affect change is somewhere that everyone believes is impossible to approach.

Perhaps it is impossible.  Yet, if nobody actually tries to approach it, how do you know?  Because everyone says it must be?  That's not how science works.  Think different.  Walk into the impossible.

What is impossible today?  Coming of age in the US after the 2008 financial crash.  No jobs.  No money.  No credit.  If you have a home, you are living illegally with 8 other people in the basement of a house built for 4.  Maybe you live with your parents, who are growing older quickly and do not have the resources to obtain care as they age.  The cost of their care will take everything they have including the home you might have otherwise lived in, and you don't have enough resources to take care of yourself let alone your parents.

But you still have children.  That's what we do, no matter our circumstances.  We are now seven years past the crash, and one can easily see the result: an exploding upward trend of Federal student lunch aid.  We have born an entire generation into poverty, a generation whose grandparents are selling the last vestiges of wealth to support their advanced age, and whose parents have no jobs, no community, no money, and no hope.

In this population, a $6,000 deductible to obtain health care is a sick joke.  You can get insurance, but you don't have health care.  We already know the health effects of poverty.  Now, we have born an entire generation in a poverty so severe that we are seeing malnutrition of basic nutrients even in urban areas.  Worst of all, we have systematically locked this generation out of the health care system.

No food.  No health care.  No shelter.  No community.  No support.  No advocates.  No jobs.  No work.  No purpose.  No hope.

An impossible problem.

Therefore, the best place to start.